Broken Expectations October 8, 2023

Oct 8, 2023    Pastor Stephanie Alexander


Ezekiel: A prime example of living through shattered expectations.

He aspired to be a priest but was called to the demanding role of a prophet.

The challenges he faced are lessons for us in navigating life's trials and uncertainties.

Point 1: Ezekiel's Unexpected Calling

Ezekiel's life took a drastic turn as he was exiled to Babylon.

His divine calling as a prophet set him apart from the common prophets of his time.

His unenviable task: delivering hard truths that no one wanted to hear.

Point 2: Embracing Strange Assignments

God instructed Ezekiel to perform unusual actions, such as shaving his head as an act of humiliation.

Sometimes God requires us to step outside our comfort zones to fulfill His purpose.

Point 3: A Personal Message from God

Ezekiel 24: A powerful demonstration of God's emotions and His plan to destroy Jerusalem.

Ezekiel had to show his dedication by not mourning the death of his wife, symbolizing God's relationship with His people.

Point 4: The Cost of Faith

Ezekiel's obedience came at great personal cost.

He willingly sacrificed his own relationships to fulfill his prophetic mission.

The question arises: How many of us would sign up for such a challenging journey?

Point 5: Standing Strong in Faith

Ezekiel's unwavering commitment from 2 to 48 illustrates the importance of enduring faith.

We must learn from Ezekiel and be prepared to face the difficulties of our own faith journeys.

Point 6: We Are Exiles

Understanding that as Christians, we are spiritual exiles in this world.

Hebrews 11:14 reinforces the concept of being foreigners and our true home in heaven.

Could recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, make us homesick for our eternal home?

Point 7: Recognizing the Signs

Reflecting on the signs of the times and the need for spiritual readiness.

God's light is shining in the darkness, calling His people to come home.

Are we prepared for His return?

Point 8: Standing and Listening

Rebellion is a form of spiritual witchcraft.

Ezekiel's first instruction: Stand and listen, signifying God's desire to communicate.

Emphasizing the need to be attentive to God's voice.

Point 9: The Divine Vision

Analyzing Ezekiel's vision in which he saw God's throne, represented by a throne, wheels, eyes, and four living creatures.

Understanding the symbolism of each element in the vision.

Point 10: Rising from Adversity

Ezekiel's reaction to the divine vision.

Relating his experience to our own setbacks in life and God's call to get back up and keep fighting.

Point 11: Strengthening Your Faith

Encouragement to put your feet under your faith and stand strong.

Challenges to the younger generation to stand on their faith.

Emphasizing that there are no spiritual "grandchildren" in God's kingdom.

Point 12: Unity in the Face of Division

The division in Christianity with over 45,000 denominations.

The need for unity and strength in the face of increasing challenges.

Matthew 24:7-8 and the coming battles that require a united front.

Point 13: The Importance of Listening and Obeying

Highlighting the significance of active listening and obedience.

Shama (Hebrew for "hear, listen, attentively obey") is mentioned 700 times in the Bible.

The consequences of not listening and obeying God's word.

Point 14: Discernment in Faith

The importance of discerning who we listen to within the Christian community.

Caution against capitalist Christianity and the need for discernment.

Encouraging believers to stand and speak the truth.

Point 15: Overcoming Mockery and Fear

Preparing to face mockery when standing up for Christ.

Encouragement to dive into God's Word for strength and knowledge.

Embracing power, love, and a sound mind as we speak the truth.

Point 16: Eating the Roll: Consuming God's Word

Ezekiel 3:1-3 and the symbolism of eating the roll.

Psalm 119:11 is an encouragement to hide God's word in our hearts.

The vital role of the Bible in our spiritual journey.

Point 17: Equipped and Ready

Emphasizing the importance of having a physical Bible.

Encouragement to read, study, and apply God's Word.

The role of parents in setting an example for their children.


God calls us to stand and be ready for His purposes.

The study of Ezekiel's life and lessons can inspire and equip us to face life's challenges with faith and obedience.